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Hate is a strong word…that’s why I’m using it.

I try not to use the word hate a lot because it really is a strong word BUT there are somethings that I REALLY hate. Not people, I don’t hate anyone…of course there are people I have strong dislikes for but recently I have noticed that there are a handful of things I reallllly hate with a fiery passion. Ready? Go.

Five Things I absolutely HATE and would kill with a small steak knife if I could :

one. I HATE when people indirectly write posts, tweets or statuses about someone. Seriously? If you have the coconuts to put it up as a status then why can’t you just approach that individual and say it to their face? It frustrates me to no end when I scroll down my twitter page and one person has 56 tweets in a row about someone instead of telling that person directly that they have a problem with them. 

two. I HATE when people try to read my texts. Especially when they think they are being slick and “casually” looking over my shoulder or actually going through my inbox when I put my phone down. If I wanted you to see what I was typing then I would of sent it to you MisterMan. Way to be super duper nosy.

three. I HATE when people are fake.  Don’t pretend to like someone because chances are they already know you don’t like them. And it’s even worse when the fake person is being fake and everyone knows they are fake and their fakeness is oozing out of every pore in their body and you feel uncomfortable cause you think their fakeness is gonna rub off on you. If you are pretending to be someone else around of group of people than why not just find another group of people that you can be real with instead?

four. I HATE when people can’t be grateful.  It really pisses me off when someone does something without being asked and instead of being happy or grateful, the person finds things wrong with it or starts complaining how no one cared enough to help. Listen MotherChuckerMan, you better say thank you and appreciate that someone did anything at all or I will sit on your nose. 

five. I HATE when people are cocky. I don’t like it when people are full of themselves and just prance around like they are the single greatest thing on earth. IF you prance around in front of me with some cocky, smug look on your face I will throw a stick in front of you and pray that you trip and fall. Learn how to be modest, I love modest people. Don’t ever think that you are better than anyone, seriously. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. LEARN WHAT IT IS. 

I’m done ranting. Thattttt feeelllttt gaahhh-oooooddd. :)

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